We join forces to tackle climate change
Energy and Climate Change

23 - September - 2022

The publication of the Draft Supreme Decree that approves the provisions for the operation of the National Registry of Mitigation Measures (RENAMI) marks a milestone in the country’s climate action to address global warming, especially considering that Peru is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world due to the complexity of our geography, biodiversity, and fragile ecosystems.

With the upcoming approval of the RENAMI, the Ministry of Environment will implement a platform that will provide transparency and traceability of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions, which can be transferred to all those interested in neutralizing their carbon footprint or complying with their commitments under the Paris Agreement. For this purpose, the RENAMI will not be limited to being just a database but will contain different stages for the registration of participants and the recognition of the GHG emission reduction units (ERUs) generated by projects developed in the country, as well as the authorization of their transfer.

Hernandez & Cía. joins the efforts to face the climate emergency by promoting the spreading of knowledge on this matter and making available to the public our specialized services through our Energy and Climate Change practice area.