Practice Areas:

White-Collar Crime

We specialize in business and economic criminal law. Our White-Collar Crime practice area stands out for its sound experience in litigation.

We advise our clients preventively and represent them in matters pertaining financial, corporate, environmental, property, tax crimes, against public administration, health, and safety at work, insolvency, against copyright, etc.

We control crises linked to legal contingencies. For example, we assess reputational risks for contingencies with the public administration. And we take care of criminal compliance and monitor the potential legal risks a company may be exposed to due to their business activity.

  • "Experience, commitment and adaptability to customer needs."
    The Legal 500 (2022)

  • "It is a team with highly dynamic specialists who adapt to the urgent needs of clients. They have the ability to analyze US laws and propose practical solutions when there are legal obstacles on the same issue."
    The Legal 500 (2022)

  • "Gonzalo del Río, criminal lawyer, is outstanding in negotiations with the public ministry."
    The Legal 500 (2022)

  • "Gonzalo del Río has extensive experience, flexibility and closeness to the client. Edward Calmet demonstrates experience and speed."
    The Legal 500 (2022)