Samuel Abad



  • Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Doctor in Law, Madrid (1990 – 1992).
  • Centro de Estudios Constitucionales, Diploma in Constitutional Law and Political Sciences, Madrid (1990 – 1991).
  • Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Law Degree, Lima (1986).


  • Hernández & Cía. (2018 to date).
  • Echecopar Law Firm (2008 – 2023).
  • Assistant to the Public Ombudsman since October 1996 until July 2007. Initially he worked as Assistant in Constitutional Matters (1996 – 2005) and later became First Assistant to the Public Ombudsman (2005 – July 2007). During that time many constitutional processes were promoted with highly satisfactory results, especially unconstitutional actions before the Constitutional Tribunal, and priority was given to the defence of the constitutional principles in said institution.
  • Coordinator of the Area for Democratic Institutions in the Andean Commission of Jurists during the period (1991 – 1996).
  • Secretary General in the National Tribunal for Civil Service (October 1990).
  • Chief of the Cabinet in the Ministerial Office of the Ministry of Justice and Advisor in the Technical Advisory of the High Management of the Ministry of Justice (1989 – 1990).
  • Expert appointed before the Inter American Court on Human Rights in several cases where human rights were affected.
  • Consultant lawyer in the preparation of reports on constitutional matters for several public and private institutions.


  • Professor in the Law School of Pontificia Universidad Catolica in the area of constitutional law. He has served as professor of Law of Constitutional Procedure, Constitutional Law I and II and Seminar on Constitutional Law. Currently, he is in charge of Law of Constitutional Procedure.
  • Professor and member of the Advisory Committee for Master Studies on Constitutional Law at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.
  • Speaker at several academic and professional events.


  • Special Commission for the Analysis and Review of the Resolutions.
  • Lima Bar Association – Judicial Decisions.
  • “Samuel Abad (…) has an impressive track record in this field and is well regarded in the market for his constitutional law expertise.”

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