Miyanou Dufour


Chambers & Partners has recognized Miyanou Dufour in Band 3 in the Environment & Mining category.


Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, 2005

(1st. historical position/place of the Faculty of Law)



Hernández & Cía. (2018 to date)

Osterling Law Firm (2006-2017)



Professor of the course Contracts 2 at the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas – UPC (2006-2013)



Lima Bar Association

  • “Well-regarded partner Miyanou Dufour ‘has an outstanding experience and know-how in the mining field,’ a client reports, adding: ‘She is a brilliant lawyer with a comprehensive approach to handling work.’ Another interviewee states: ‘She is excellent at networking and knows the key players in the industry.’”

    Chambers 2022

  • “Miyanou Dufour is perceived by a client to be ‘a very solid and knowledgeable environment lawyer,’ and they further praise her ‘efficiency, proactivity and technical know-how.’ Another interviewee appreciates that ‘she has a great ability to be pro-business and adapts well to working within a team,’ adding: ‘She is extremely diligent and a perfectionist in her work.’ Miyanou Dufour is co-head of the department.”

    Chambers 2022

  • “The legal advice provided has been excellent. Especially this year it has been key to have their accompaniment in mining law for the various problems and consultations during the construction of the Mina Justa mining project. They combine great knowledge on various regulatory issues and, at the same time, provide quick and practical answers, which is vital for the dynamics of mining projects. It is important to feel that they live the problems with the client and try to solve them not only by giving a merely legal response but by looking at various alternative solutions. Our main contact is Miyanou Dufour (regulatory and mining). The team has diverse members with different specialties, they are all excellent professionals.”

    The Legal 500 (2022)

  • “My primary contact is Ms. Miyanou Dufour; I mainly work with her and Javier Wong. Both seem excellent lawyers to me, Miyanou having more experience and a strategic vision of the issues discussed. Both work very quickly with a comprehensive vision and offer a very complete service from the smallest details to the most important matters.”

    The Legal 500 (2022)

  • “Excellent service, proactive and transparency.”

    IFLR1000 (30th edition)

  • “Regarding partner Miyanou Dufour, I highlight her sharp analysis, strategic vision, and creativity for the prevention and solution of problems. Regarding Javier Wong, I find his deep knowledge of the company exceptional and highlight his excellent treatment and prompt attention, handling complex issues with great solvency and not overlooking any detail.”

    The Legal 500 (2022)

  • “Good team with technical support. Consolidated team with experience. Luis Felipe Huertas and Miyanou Dufour stand out.”

    The Legal 500 (2022)