Capital MarketsCapital Markets

Peru’s economic growth has been fundamental to the development of the capital market and the increased number of companies seeking out financing through this market. The number of Peruvian companies that have issued shares or debt instruments, both locally and in the international market, has risen noticeably in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue.

Our law firm offers specialized consultancy on the structuring and analysis for issuing and placement of capital or debt instruments, whether in the local or international market, as well as in asset securitization processes, public tender offers, takeover bids, or stock offers; development of mutual funds, investment funds, and money pools; operations with derivatives, structured products, and, in general, security transactions and operations in the primary and secondary market. 
We also provide consultancy services aimed at meeting the daily and/or special needs of companies undergoing audits by the Peruvian Securities and Exchange Commission (SMV).

Hernández & Cía. Abogados has developed special expertise in investment regulations for the principal institutional investors (pension fund management companies, banks, insurance companies, mutual funds), providing ongoing advice to these entities, as well as foreign investment funds seeking to offer them eligible investments in accordance with applicable law.

Hernández & Cía. Abogados has been involved in several of the most cutting-edge domestic and cross-border capital markets transactions executed in Peru. Likewise, the Firm is recognized for its vast and sofisticated experience in investment funds and colective investment scheme structuration in the public and private capital markets.

For example, the firm has advised the Republic of Peru in the international issuance of 1.1 Billion Euros of Sovereign Debt due 2026, arranged by BBVA, BNP Paribas and JP Morgan who acted also as Global. Also, the Firm advised in the international emision of US$ 1.25 billions in Sovereign Debt, to pay in 2027, where Citigroup and JP Morgan acted as underwriters. In the domestic market, the Firm advised two subsidiaries of The Carlyle Group in Peru,

Hermes Transportes Blindados S.A. and Azzaro Trading S.A., the leading company holding in surveillance and industrial security services under the “Liderman” trademark, in the 100% shares listing in the Bolsa de Valores de Lima. In the same way, in the investment funds subjetct and private investment structures, Hernández & Cía. Abogados has lately advised 01 Labs in the venture capital fund structuring, FARO Capital in the structuring and registry of its second real estate fund and Inteligo in the structuring of the First Program of Securitized Bonds by private offering for S/ 90 million in circulation.