Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property


Nowadays, the relevance of intellectual property is undeniable in the so called “information era”, since intellectual assets are nothing but information. The value of intellectual assets worldwide and information as a company asset are estimated to be worth more than physical assets.

We provide advisory that contributes to the solid and sustainable growth of companies through the protection and profitable use of their most valuable and long lasting assets such as brands, ideas, inventions and innovations and creativity works. We are broadly recognized for the strength and depth of our services in connection with patents, distinctive signs, copy rights and names of domain, registering and maintaining patents, industrial designs, as well as the registration, renewal and supervision of trademarks, commercial names, copy rights and other elements of intellectual property.

Our services cover preventive legal protection of assets through registration, appraisals and other means, as well as the enforcement through legal actions that aim at their protection before infringements by third parties.

We combat piracy and all forms of parasitism. We perform use audits designed to determine whether the elements of intellectual property that our clients have in the market are actually protected. We run market checks to verify the existence of publicity, promotions or products of competitors that may be infringing our clients’ rights.

We participate in the design and carrying out of contract structures that include the assignment or licensing of industrial property or copy right elements, including different kinds of agreements on intellectual assets such as franchises, research projects, sponsorship, and entrepreneurism, among others.

We develop strategies for the defense of the interest of our clients when, beside the regulations on intellectual property, we must use other norms that regulate unfair competition, commercial advertising and consumer protection. We provide orientation advisory aiming at informing our clients on the legal aspects to be taken into consideration in the launching of new advertising, promotions, new products or trademarks, providing them with preventive legal opinion to help them avoid future conflicts with the law and/or third parties, and also advise them on the possibilities of obtaining the registration of their trademarks or other distinctive signs.Intellectual