Peru is a highly diverse country with a constant stream of projects in a wide variety of areas, making it particularly important to align the prompt and efficient commissioning of each undertaking with the appropriate management of the surroundings in which it is carried out.

We help the different investing industries to understand the environmental implications they will address in each one of their initiatives, whether with regard to regulations, permits, and management, or social, political, and economic aspects. Environmental certifications and the follow-up necessary for complete compliance with socio-environmental obligations are becoming increasingly complex, calling for an ever more delicate treatment. 

We offer consultancy on environmental matters and supervise the preparation of relevant environmental management instruments, identifying activities in each individual case that require special attention in order to ensure compliance with the law. We identify the most sensitive aspects of each operation and the most practical legal solution, based on environmental and sector-wide laws, always bearing in mindthe client’s long-term interests.