No company is free from a crisis situation or complex negotiation. For these cases, a truly comprehensive response, prepared from different legal angles, is required mainly when dealing with creditors, at the time of recouping and defending their credits as well as to improve the collaterals and guarantees or, when in the position of a debtor, in the scope of the economic-financial, commercial, tax or procedural sectors.

We provide legal advisory to companies that are either creditors or debtors during the stages of insolvency and bankruptcy, in order to reach negotiations or financing that will enable economic and financial relieve for companies and patrimonies in general, or to enable, if the case demands it, an organized exit from the market. Our lawyers participate actively in the drafting and designing of restructuring plans.

The advisory we provide is carried out for a multidisciplinary perspective, which enables a wholesome strategy in the search for the best solution for our clients.