Competition laws organize and regulate what happens in the market; therefore they have great impact in main corporate activities such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, investment in infrastructure, supply and distribution agreements and marketing initiatives. 

We provide advisory on topics related about free competition matters, unfair competition, advertising, consumer protection and market access. It covers not only preventive aspects, including information and permanent analysis of the regulatory framework, but also conflicts resolution and handling administrative proceedings before the National Entity for the Defense of Competition and Intellectual Property– INDECOPI - and connected judicial processes.

Free Competition

Collusive practices, agreements among competitors, anti-competition practices, abuse of dominant position, antitrust regulation, control of concentrations, horizontal restraints, resale price fixing, tied sales, exclusivity agreements, vertical agreements, consumers’ policies, essential facilities, commercial contracts (distribution, supply, association), unjustified contractual restrictions, implementation of strategic barriers to entries, predatory pricing s and other monopolistic practices .

Unfair Competition and Advertising 

Commercial strategy and contracts, advertising strategy, copy advice, observance of sector regulations; labeling, unfair practices, acts of deception, confusion, imitation, invective and/or exploitation of other’s reputation; publicity rights, blocking actions, non registered trademarks, among others.

Consumer Protection

General and sector regulations (i.e. banking and finance, insurance, mass consumption, construction, etc.), consumer attention, handling of consumers’ claims before the INDECOPI and self regulatory entities, liability for defective products, and consumers’ policies.

Market Access

Our work deals with the acts and dispositions of Public Administration that represent illegal barriers to the access or permanence of economic agents in the market. Bureaucratic barriers (illegal charges and requirements) taxes levied by local or regional governments or by the Executive Branch.