Regulatory MattersRegulatory Matters

For investors and companies involved in regulated markets, their understanding of the different regulatory environments in which they are active is vital. As such, it is essential to be familiar with not only general regulations, agreements and policies, structures and limitations, but also the overarching vision and mentality of the regulating body itself. All of these are factors that make the difference between success and failure. 

We offer advice on all legal and regulatory matters related to the transportation, mining, telecommunications, electricity, and oil and gas sectors. Our activities include all legal processes connected to concessions; concession agreements, including application, interpretation, or modifications; authorizations; licenses and permits; due diligences; mining contracts; tax planning; and administrative procedures related to the aforementioned activities. 

Our attorneys are experienced in the negotiation, drafting, and performance of contracts related to each one of the abovementioned specialties, including concession agreements; addenda to such agreements, whether operative or related to aspects such as bankability; sale of shares and assets; mining options and assignments; project exploration and exploitation; joint ventures; consortiums; legal and tax stability agreements with the government, and other contracts. Regulatory