We ensure that each member of the Firm feels valued and considered; Regardless of age, gender, race, economic condition, sexual orientation, physical appearance, way of thinking, among others, and that the points of view and contributions of our collaborators complement each other, to design the best solutions for our clients, as well as contribute to the development of a diverse and inclusive society. The reasons why we are committed to foster diversity and inclusion based on a strategy and action plan are:

  • The more diversity we boast, the more talent we captivate. Guaranteeing an environment with diverse profiles allows us to engage and recruit more talent that seeks to learn, contribute and develop.
  • Diverse and inclusive companies are better overcoming crises since diversity increases response to change, adaptability and offers better solutions.
  • Diversity and inclusion foster innovation and creativity. Diversity brings different perspectives and points of view to the table, increasing the assertiveness of the company’s solutions.
  • Diversity and inclusion promote a healthy work environment. It is proven that companies that manage diversity and inclusion reduce effectively both, turnover and absenteeism rates. They also encourage a greater degree of involvement and commitment in their collaborators, since they feel appreciated.