Corporate Social Responsability

At Hernández & Cía. Abogados, we uphold our commitment to the community and the country, implementing different strategies and programs in line with our corporate social responsibility policies.

Our activities, both internal and external, are conducted in keeping with the values and ethical principles that govern our practice, causing the least possible social and environmental impact, with a view to strengthening the commitment and dedication of our attorneys and collaborators.


We work to the benefit of the community as a whole, providing pro bono advice to people and institutions who require our legal services. The selection of the cases taken up free of charge is performed by an internal committee at the firm, which also ensures compliance with the number of pro bono hours required of all our attorneys.

Our team

We implement a range of measures that foster a better balance between professional and personal life for our attorneys and collaborators, with the aim of establishing a pleasant work environment and encouraging their continuous education, training, and recreation.


We have put different measures into action to reduce our consumption of water, electricity, and paper, as part of our effort to minimize the environmental impact of our activities. We take part in initiatives for recycling and energy efficiency, promoting an environmental conscience among our different stakeholders.

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